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Justin Bieber's Believe DVD coverSONY DADC, Rs 599

Director: Jon M. Chu

After exam fever, Bieber fever is in town! Justin Bieber is coming to India. Tickets for the show sold out long ago, but if you still want to go for the show, the best way would be to catch the organizers, plead and cry like you’ve never done before and hope it works! Or else, like we get to see in this film, go to the venue and hope that Scooter Braun, Bieber’s manager, turns up and offers you a pass to the show.

If you want a slice of what a Justin Bieber concert is like, his DVD promises 90 minutes of the then 19-year-old star as he embarks on his Believe Tour in support of his third album Believe. Chu’s second DVD with Bieber takes a tangent completely different from his earlier flick Never Say Never. The director, who is famous for his Step Up series, gives fans an inside view of the star’s rise to fame.

Even if you’re not a fan, you’ll be impressed by Bieber’s sheer showmanship and dedication to what he believes in. Besides plenty of concert footage interrupted by endless fan testimonials, mostly adolescent or prepubescent girls, to one young man who proudly shows off a tattoo of the star’s face on his thigh, you also witness hysterical screams from fans who receive concert tickets as gifts, and endless close-ups of adoring fans bursting into tears while watching him perform.

Behind the scenes footage has the star sharing the story of his rise to fame, dealing with publicity debacles, to a run-in with a British paparazzo and a sequence shot from inside his limo while it’s being besieged by swarming young fans. We hear from his career-long manager Scooter Braun, who talks at length about why Bieber is a true musician, songwriter, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. Watch interviews with tour choreographer Nick De Moura and his crew as they audition dancers for the show.

Growing up means facial hair and a moustache; how does Bieber handle this? In a fun way he talks about this stage of growing up. Bieber also gives out a statement on his look at life, obeying his parents and still loving and caring for them. His parents add to the fun as they talk about their son.

A touching moment sees an emotional Bieber going out of his way to meet 6-year-old fan, Avalanna Routh, suffering from a fatal disease (the film is dedicated to her). Bieber even brings her on stage at NYC’s Apollo Theatre for a brief moment and later pays tribute to her after her death.

This is definitely something Biebliers cannot afford to miss.

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1) Justin Bieber’s Believe follows the star on his _____ tour.
a. Believe
b. Never Say Never
c. Step Up

2) Believe is director Jon M. Chu’s _____ DVD with Bieber; the first being _______.
a. second, Never Say Never
b. first, Believe

3) _______ is Bieber’s career-long manager.
a. Nick de Moura
b. Scooter Braun
c. Jon M. Chu

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