Let’s do a sting on ourselves!

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Ever so often I hear people complaining about how corrupt the world is today. I was watching a clip of a railway policeman taking a bribe and realized today is the age of sting operations, when we quietly film each other’s misdeeds! No minister, policeman or public official is safe, as cameras come in all shape and sizes.

But what about turning those cameras on ourselves today? Let’s do a sting on ourselves!

We may be shocked to find we aren’t too different from our politicians or others whom we criticize. That all they do is mirror the society they represent! We are no different as we drove past a red signal, pay bribes to get things done… ah, it’s a slow change indeed.

Two men once visited a holy man to ask his advice. “We have done wrong actions,” they said, “and our consciences are troubled. Can you tell us what we must do so that we may be forgiven and feel clear of our guilt?”

“Tell me of your wrongdoings, my sons,” said the old man.

The first man said, “I have committed a great and grievous sin, sire.”

“What about you?” the holy man asked the second.

“Oh,” said he, “I have done quite a number of wrong things, but they are all quite small, and not at all important.”

The holy man thought for a while. “This is what you must do,” he said at last. “Each of you must go and bring me a stone, which is the size of your misdeeds.”

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