Looking back, looking ahead!

Totally committed to the youth of the country, and committed to the promotion of wholesome literature, as well, THE TEENAGER has always remained a magazine with a difference. Besides being the longest surviving national youth magazine in India, it is possibly the only magazine of its kind — a fact attested by most of our patrons and well-wishers many of whom I had the opportunity to meet over the past three months. It is they, individuals and Institutions across the country, who have sustained THE TEENAGER all through the years. We salute them with gratitude this year, the 55th year of its existence.

I am privileged to have been associated with the magazine, in different capacities, for the major part of its long journey of life. Over these years, I saw many changes taking place at THE TEENAGER: the magazine had different editors, it has changed a lot in size, look, content, etc. However one thing, for sure, has not changed — its deep love for the youth of our country, and its commitment to the values that truly build the youth of any nation.

Our founding fathers — Frs J. Maurus and Aloysius G. Rego of happy memory — were men of far-reaching vision; in addition to the above, they wanted THE TEENAGER to be a vehicle of national integration, extremely important to us in the present context, uniting our young people from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, in a bond of true friendship, understanding and love.

This dream of the founders saw its concrete expression in the TEEN OF THE YEAR annual event which the magazine successfully organised for nearly two decades. Though the event remains temporarily suspended since three years now, we hope to re-launch it with more enthusiasm and vigour, next year.

We celebrate two important events, this month — our Independence Day on August 15, and Friendship Day on August 5 (in some countries this is celebrated on another day). With this in mind, we bring you two special features in this issue: Be A Trendsetter, This Friendship Day! by Dr Teresa Joseph, FMA, and an exclusive interview with Anukreethy Vas, the reigning Miss India. In addition, we also bring you the two State toppers in the Goa Board Exams 2018.

Happy Friendship Day & Happy Independence Day to all!

Alfonso Elengikal
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Alfonso Elengikal

Alfonso Elengikal, SSP, has the unique distinction of being the longest-serving editor of THE TEENAGER TODAY, an office he held for over 17 years. He is the bestselling author of You Can Make A Difference, You Are Destined For The Skies, Let The Real You Stand Up! and Discover The Hero Within You published by Better Yourself Books.