Love at first sight

Posted by:
Muquaddisa Sabreen (16)
Springdale High School, Jorhat

‘Love at first sight’— this phrase filled me with confusion. How can a person fall in love at first sight? Well, that’s until I experienced it personally. Yes, there is a love that can happen at first sight. And there are millions of such stories.

My love is one of that kind. Her beauty is divine. To me she stands as the statement for ‘beauty’. She is one in a million. She is irreplaceable in my heart. Her smile can take away all my pain. I can count on her. Words are never enough to describe what she means to me.

As much as I know and remember about our first meeting, we were in a position next to one another. We looked into each other’s eyes, her mesmerizing eyes like molten gold. My eyes locked onto her. And then we knew we were in love.

She has always stood by me whenever I needed her. She is an idol of love for me. True love is what describes her best for me — the way she cares, her kindness, and her support. She is my best friend, my companion, my love… my mom.

I am in love, a love that happened at first sight.