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When students walk into class on the first day of school or college it is always an overwhelming and an unforgettable experience. With new friends to make, new subjects to learn, new experiences to gain, and new teachers to get friendly with, it can all be a little overwhelming and these experiences are what make memories of school and college days unforgettable.

It’s important that along with making new friends and learning new subjects, you also get to know your teachers and, in turn, make them take notice of you as a student. Making a positive influence on teachers and making them your mentors and friends always goes a long way. A little secret about teachers? They, too, enjoy interacting with their students and look forward to building a lasting relationship with their students. Teachers often reminisce about their students long after they have graduated. For relationships to develop it is important that students take proactive measures at building a positive impression with their teachers. Here are a few easy measures that students can take to lay the foundations for lasting relationships with their teachers.

Be presentable, dress appropriately

The first impression about you generally makes a lasting impression. If you are in school make sure you dress in a clean, well-ironed uniform always. If you are a college goer, dress formally always. If you are smartly dressed, it would make you feel more confident about yourself, and would also make you look very presentable and would not only make your friends take notice of you but also your teachers.

Smile and don’t forget the greetings

Being presentable would get you noticed, but it doesn’t end there. You need to look approachable. Sharing an easy smile and greeting your new classmates, teachers and the non-teaching faculty will always make them take notice of you and would make you look friendly and easy to approach. And in turn you would look and feel more confident.

Be courteous and polite always

Bad behaviour and lack of basic courtesy are sure ways to make anyone dislike you including your teachers. Adopt a courteous and polite manner always. Offer to help a teacher set up her laptop and projector for class, don’t distract a teacher by making noise, talking unnecessarily or giggling away while he/she is giving a lecture, thank a teacher after a class, etc. Be courteous to the non-teaching staff, wait for your turn to talk to the admin department, always address the peons and cleaning staff with courtesy. The right behaviour always makes a long-lasting favourable impression on people around you.

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