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2021 hit us before we realized and it’s not been a great previous year for many. And yet 2020 has been that teacher who’s taught us a lot about ourselves, life, existence and humanity in general. To not take anything for granted — health, wellness, education, friendships, family and more. Did you make any resolutions in January for how you wanted to spend this year? Two months have passed, and time has now gathered the speed of a concord aircraft; it’s flying faster than we can cope up with.

What drives resolutions?

Motivation is the energy source for accomplishing goals. When we resolve to study more, eat healthy, or be less argumentative, for instance; we could be functioning from many different internal visions. These could vary based on the resolution we make, but are all focused on getting to a better state or space than we already are at. Think of the motivators, for example, for the resolution to argue less.

  • You’ve been told that you’re rude.
  • You could lose your internet privileges.
  • Friends are seemingly upset with you.
  • You get headaches when you’re upset.
  • You don’t like how angry you get.
  • Respecting others more.

Whatever it is that you are aiming at, either external motivations or an inner energy force; both are feeding into the willingness to stick to your resolution and resist the temptation to falter. But then, you are human, and you can slip. Do you recall any of the traits that may have contributed to your slip-ups? When you were so sure you had made up your mind, yet tumbled? Here are four likely obstacles, the reasons why your resolutions may sizzle out even though you were certain you would keep them up:

1. Lack of self-control

By design, humans are vulnerable to temptation. It takes immense focus to not lose sight of the goal we’ve set for ourselves. Temptation works its charm by blurring the distant vision to distort the target, and make it seem unimportant for the moment.

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