The Many Facets of Love

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The meaning of love has challenged and perplexed thinkers and lovers since the beginning of time. It means different things to different people. Love has many facets. This Valentine’s Day, let us understand some of them.

Love is a feeling. That is how it begins; that little flutter deep inside; that little stirring of the heart. Rahul Deshpande, a student, says, “Love is that warm and fuzzy feeling; the feeling that you are special to me and knowing that the other person feels the same about you. The hard reality today though is that love has been categorized, which is very sad. Love is unconditional and the same for everyone. You don’t love your brother differently; you don’t love your parents differently; you don’t love your friends differently; you cannot love your boyfriend differently. You love them all the same; or it’s not love at all; it’s a farce. Love is one of the truest emotions. If it exists it exists between all whom you care about. You would do anything to keep your loved ones happy and smiling.” Cossy Fernandes, a team leader, believes that love is the most beautiful emotion created by God. “It is a feeling that just happens and gets you in the most beautiful side of the world.” Chandan Sharma, a student, rightly points out that, “Love is a very pure word as it does not have any restrictions on the basis of caste, creed or religion. Our generation is very confused between love and attraction. Love is not about liking someone’s clothes and hairstyle. It is a very Sufi emotion which ties two souls.”

Love is a commitment, not just a feeling. It may start with a feeling but in order to grow into a mature love and relationship requires a pledge and plenty of dedication and hard work. Elaine D’Souza, a Public Diplomacy and Communications Officer, believes love is a commitment to love the other person unconditionally even when the going gets tough. It is so easy to love a person when everything is rosy and nice; but the true test is during trying times. They can either make a relationship rock solid or make it crumble.

Love is very powerful. Mighty empires have bowed down before love. In 1936, King Edward VIII gave up the throne to marry his love Wallis Simpson. It became one of the great love stories of the world. Buddha too gave up his throne to dedicate his life for a purpose, a cause — that of the right path. Jesus Christ laid down his life for his people so that His sacrifice may open the doors of heaven for all mankind. Yes, love makes you do strange and great things. Love in these mighty souls has changed the path of history and the destiny of mankind.

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