Monsoon fashion must-haves

Women wearing raincoats, pink rain boots, umbrella and waterproof bag

The monsoons have arrived… are you prepared for the rains? Time to buck up and shop for it! This year don’t dig out your old monsoon gear. Look at the amazing new things in the market.

Just a few days ago while walking past K.C. College, Mumbai, I came across the mochi (a real mochi a.k.a. a cobbler) who sits opposite Relish. Being an ex-KCiite, I’m familiar with the products he sells and they are always good quality and amazing. So, I rushed to his tiny little makeshift shop and started looking at the rain shoes he had on sale. There were these amazing rain sneakers in blue and pink (I couldn’t help but buy one). And that made me want to browse around for more monsoon products. I love online shopping and the e-commerce sites are flooded with monsoon products.

The rainy season is dull, so why not just make it chic and fun this year? I despise the boring black umbrellas and plain old rainy flats that make my feet icky. I remember a few years ago my dad buying this neon orange umbrella that my mom hated but it just made the monsoon seem like a colourful season. It’s time to do that again without the neons! Here’s how…

1. Shoeeeesssssss!

I love footwear! Every time I come across a shoe shop I see at least one pair of footwear that calls out to me! So, yes I love shoes.

  • Online shopping sites are full of amazing boots of all sizes, styles, patterns, prints and what not. You can get a floral pair or a glittery one or combat boot styled rain boots or one with a zip or a tie-up one. It’s insane! There’s so much choice and so less money in the world! I would buy ‘em all if I could.

2. Umbrella

I hate those black umbrellas! The market has so many choices and we still pick the same boring mainstream colours? What a waste!

  • Buy brightly coloured umbrellas in red, yellow, green, etc.
  • You can also get a heart-shaped umbrella which is available in red colour on Amazon.

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