Is it possible to do M.Sc. in Geology?

 Q  I am a student of F.Y.B.Sc. with microbiology, biochemistry and nutrition. But I’m interested in geology. Is it possible to do my M.Sc. in Geology? If not, should I go for a double degree with geology? Or is it better to waste this year and again start my degree with geology?
Tejaswi Motru

 A  Generally, eligibility for M.Sc. Geology is B.Sc. (Hons. Geology) / B.Sc. with Geology as a subject along with any two science subjects like Physics/Chemistry/Botany/Zoology/Environmental Science/Mathematics.

However, the rules for admission vary from university to university/institutes. Some institutes even require maths in 10+2 level. The percentage of mark requirement also varies from different universities. Most of these universities carry out their own entrance exam to select candidates. So it is better to check the entry requirements for the institutes where you want to apply.

If a dual degree is available in your college, then you may go for it. But make sure that this degree satisfies eligibility requirement for a higher education in Geology.

Dr Vibha Gupta
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