My best friend is not talking to me

I am a student of Class 8 and my problem is that my best friend is not talking to me. Because of me she got punished. She thinks that I am very selfish and don’t love her. She is my only friend and I don’t want to lose her. Even though she criticizes me I know that she loves me. I am confused; should I talk to her or not?

Dear Kirti,

You are feeling quite hurt that your best friend is not talking to you. You also feel worried that you may lose her friendship forever. You are longing to speak to her but are afraid that she will not respond to you because of what happened.

Looks like she is quite hurt about being punished because of you. So, the first thing is to be brave and say sorry to her and mean it. If she doesn’t want to speak to you or hear it, perhaps make a nice handmade card and send it to her or keep it at her desk. If she is willing to tell you why she finds you selfish, ask her about it and listen with an open mind to what she says. Then, if there is some truth in it, try and become more loving and giving.

Friendship is a beautiful bond and both need to work towards making it stronger. Saying sorry, meaning it and changing your ways, is wonderful ‘Friendship Glue’!

Nasreen Hashambhoy
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Nasreen Hashambhoy

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