My mother tells me to wear clothes of her choice

My mother always tells me to wear clothes of her choice. If I don’t listen to her, she gets ‘angry’. She says that she wants me to look good and smart in front of others. I like to wear casual clothes and do not like revealing clothes. When we attend any event, I dress casually and that makes her very angry. Some say that I look like old fashioned because of the clothes I wear. Isn’t it good to be simple?
Dhina (14)

Dear Dhina,

Looks like you and your mother are in conflict about your dressing sense. Perhaps she just wants you to look presentable and wants you to bring the best out of your personality? Is that so bad? That said, it is indeed praiseworthy that you do not like to wear revealing clothes and are firm about it!

It is perfectly fine not to wear ‘girly’ dresses if you don’t like them. Being neatly and appropriately dressed is sufficient for social occasions. While you don’t have to be ‘fashionable’, you can choose a dressing style that adds to your overall personality…and this is a good time to discover it!

Simplicity in style can certainly be elegant. Simplicity can be in the style of the outfit — such as A-line kurtis with leggings, or it can be in the colours — many models choose just black and use a colourful dupatta or stole. It can also be in the accessories — simple pearl drop earrings or just silver jhumkas. Find what suits you, makes you feel happy and beautiful from within and wear it with confidence. That alone is true fashion!

Nasreen Hashambhoy
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