My parents are not happy about my career choice

I am a student of Std IX and I want to be a journalist. Even though my parents haven’t said ‘no’ to me, they do not seem happy about this career choice. They have great expectations about me becoming an engineer or a doctor. But I am passionate about becoming a journalist. Also they always doubt whether I have a boyfriend or they think I am up to something wrong. Because of this I am very stressed and depressed. I don’t know what to do.

Dear Naina,

You are really stressed about the fact that you are passionate about becoming a journalist, but that you don’t think your parents support your choice, and seem to expect something more from you.

A good way to begin is to list your talents and strengths and weaknesses. Will these be used when you become a journalist? For example, are you good at writing? Are you willing to travel and cover a story? List what you love about journalism and why you want to be a journalist. Also list down any disadvantages. If you are convinced that this is the career for you, invite your parents to a discussion. Ask them to share what they expect of you and why; hear them out. Then, share with them what makes you so passionate about journalism and try to convince them.

It must greatly distress you that your parents don’t seem to trust you with regard to having a boyfriend or ‘doing something wrong’. Reflect on and examine what it is that you are perhaps unconsciously doing to give them that impression. You are now in class IX; take charge of yourself and show them that you are responsible and trustworthy.

Nasreen Hashambhoy
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