My talents are not a waste

My parents want me to study all day long but I am interested in extracurricular activities. It’s not that I waste my time; I actually have some God-given talents in me but for my parents it’s a waste of time and nothing else. I know studies are important but that does not mean I should sit all day long with my books and become a geek. What should I do to make my parents believe that my talents are not a waste?
Manisha (16) / Asansol

Dear Manisha, I agree with you that God gifts us many good talents which we can develop and use to make our lives beautiful and useful. Your parents, who love you and want you to be successful in your studies, feel that these may distract you and become a waste of time. I suggest that you speak to some of your teachers who know and appreciate your talents, so that they may talk to your parents and dispel their fears. If you are doing well in your studies and your marks are good, your parents will understand and give you more freedom.

Dr Anthony Grugni, MD
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Dr Anthony Grugni, MD

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