Nature’s tweet

The sky is clearer than before
And the birds are flying even higher,
Confused are the people on Earth
With their new attire.

Attire means the dress
But here I refer to the mask,
Covering the mouth
As it is our new task.

The news is pathetic
In hundreds, not even a few,
Dying, dying and dying…
When will this end, do we have a clue?

The wrath of God
Is befalling upon us,
Go and hide yourself
Lest we too are mingled with dust.

O man! This is an example
A living example for you,
If you play with nature
Then nature will play with you.

Let the olden days be back again
I plead, O Master!
Where our girls were safe
Animals worshipped and no disaster.

The Vedas, The Bible
The Holy Scriptures read,
Every day, every hour and every minute
With a bowed head.

Have mercy and save life
Have mercy and save life.