Pair your footwear right!

Actress Marilyn Monroe said, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”

We girls love our shoes. You probably have several pairs of shoes, but how are you supposed to pair them right? Do brown shoes look good with black jeans? What about flats? What’s the right occasion to wear your white heels? When should you avoid those colourful flats? Pairing shoes with outfits can be tricky. A pair of shoes can dress up or dress down your outfits.

We all need some help with styling our shoes. Every pair should be worn a certain way. You can’t wear heels with shorts and gladiators with jeans! Every pair of shoes has dos and don’ts. Here’s a list of footwear that all of us just need to own along with how you should pair them and what to avoid.

Lace up flats and heels

Lace up

Lace up footwear can be flats or heels. You can pair lace up heels/flats with a skirt and top. It’s the perfect pair of footwear for a party. Lace up flats would be good for a beach party or a day out. You can wear lace up heels for a day out as well. They also look amazing with skirts and dresses. Pair them with something relaxed and floral.

Feet wearing a pair of tan loafers


You absolutely need to own a pair of loafers. Nothing beats the comfort loafers have to offer. Also popularly known as slip-ons, these shoes can be easily slipped into. And that’s not all, they also look really chic! You can pair loafers with anything and everything — skirts, dresses, jeans, literally anything! Loafers go with any outfit that you can think off. Keep in mind that loafers only look good during the day.

Ankle boots in plum colour

Ankle boots

Ankle boots are a necessity in every girl’s wardrobe. Just switch your footwear and it can change your entire outfit. Switch from loafers to ankle boots and you’re all set to head out! Ankle boots again go with almost anything. Boots make you look taller and dress up any basic boring outfit.

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