Peculiar roads and streets

Man crossing Rue Canusa Road between USA and Canada
llustration: © Rama Ramesh

What can be interesting about streets, you ask. Plenty, if you find yourself in the right street in the right place. This month is dedicated to the plucky streets that have defied the logic that ‘streets are only for commuting’!

One road, two countries
Imagine crossing from one side of the road to the other only to realize that you’ve walked over from one country to another! This is the case if you’re on Rue Canusa in Canada… or is it the USA? It really depends on which side you are standing. The only thing that separates the two countries is a yellow strip in the middle. The Haskell Opera House is located on this road and the entrance is in USA, but the stage is in Canada! Fun, huh?

Rama Ramesh
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Rama Ramesh

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