Pizza — Slices of heavenly goodness

Pizzas hold a special place in everyone’s heart. Not surprisingly, pizzerias around the world have been innovating and experimenting with good ol’ pizza since times yore. What’s pizza’s journey been like? Quite fabulous and dramatic, no doubt!

Illustration of man making pizza in front of Mount Vesuvius
Illustration: © Rama Ramesh

Mount Vesuvius and the first pizzeria

What does Mount Vesuvius have to do with pizzas, other than they’re both from Italy? Up until the early 19th century, pizzas were sold by street vendors, baked on wood-fire ovens. And then opened Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba in 1830 — considered to be the first pizzeria in the world. The pizzas were baked in ovens lined with lava rocks from Mount Vesuvius. What’s hotter is the payment system back then, called pizza aotto, that allowed customers to pay up to eight days after enjoying a pizza. Three cheers to Port’Alba that exists to this day!

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