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Male and female models in striped outfits

There are so many prints to play with but ever thought of wearing print on print? That’s the one trend that people don’t experiment with much. It seems very mismatched to most people. Honestly, at some point it looked like that to me, too. I didn’t like the idea until I tried it myself. It’s also quite risky; one tiny error could go terribly wrong and send the fashion police after you! But that’s no reason not to try. Life is all about risks, and don’t you worry, I’m here to the rescue! I feel like a fashion superhero with a cape, and capes are in trend too!

Here are a few ways you can wear print on print and be print perfect.

Black and white gingham skirt1. Grandma Gingham

Guy wearing pink gingham pants

Gingham is underrated. Just so you know gingham, checks and plaid aren’t the same. Gingham always has white checks with another colour. You can mix and match two different ginghams.

Girls, you can wear a gingham flared midi skirt along with a gingham tank top or sleeveless top. You can also wear a gingham pencil skirt with a top. Don’t wear a gingham shirt with a skirt. Make sure the colours that you pick complement each other.

Guys, I understand that prints on prints might be a little too much for you all just yet. So, if you’re not comfortable wearing gingham on gingham you can just wear gingham. Pair gingham pants with a shirt or polo tee that complements the pants. Maybe a pink polo tee with pink and white gingham pants or a black shirt with monochrome gingham pants. You can also wear a matching gingham jacket or blazer on top, if you like.

Girl wearing long black and white striped dress

2. Sticky Stripes

Stripes never go out of style. They’re here to stay forever. If you are short, try wearing vertical stripes; this will make you look taller. And if you’re already super duper tall you can wear any kind of stripes!

Guy wearing striped black and white shirt with black trousers

Girls, you can mix vertical and horizontal stripes or two different stripes that complement each other or have contrasting colours. If you’re short, wear vertical striped bottoms and you can play with a horizontal striped top.

Guys, stand out with a pastel striped suit or mix and match stripes and pair with shorts and trousers.

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