Quirky gadgets for all

As innovative minds take bright ideas and transform them into reality, the future does look bright and interesting. More and more gadgets are being added every year, so it’s only fair that we look at some quirky technologies that might make life easier, or at least livelier!

Illustration of man riding a Copenhagen Wheel

Say ‘No’ to uphill pedalling!

Want to cheat yourself out of a little exercise? Get the Copenhagen Wheel, better known as the self-pedalling bicycle! It looks like a normal bicycle, but a motor and battery pack transforms it into an electric vehicle. The wheel captures all the excess energy when you go downhill and powers your vehicle right through when you go uphill. The wheel is of course much smarter than that. It connects to the internet to record your speed and distance travelled. And if that wasn’t enough, it also helps you find friends in your city and inspects air quality.

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