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When was the last time you read a book, or a magazine article? If you’re one of those countless people who don’t make a habit of reading regularly, you might be missing a lot. I was an occasional reader during my school/college days and even the first half of my career in the Indian Navy. Those days I read only story books and novels and I never bothered to finish reading a book. Probably, I did not find the right book!

In 2002, I moved to Singapore and was involved in the training of Republic of Singapore Navy’s Officers and Specialists. It was indeed an exciting and adventurous career and I loved it. But after a few years, the degree of excitement dropped and lethargy set in. I began to ask a series of questions to myself. In my search for the answers to those questions, I began to be a regular visitor to the Regional and National Libraries of Singapore. Being a Singapore Permanent resident, I had the privilege to borrow books from all the libraries in Singapore.

I became an ardent reader and began to read non-fiction and self-help books. Some of the first few books I read were Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, The Power Of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale, Live Your Dreams by Les Brown and The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch, which ignited in me a passion for reading.

Gradually I began to find answers to my questions and became very passionate about reading. Books enlightened me and transformed me in many ways. I was able to overcome some of the limiting beliefs and began to look at life from a different perspective. Through these books, I was able to download decades of life lessons and experience of great authors. They challenged me, and pushed me beyond my comfort zone.

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Denny Joseph

Denny Joseph is an International Corporate Trainer, Career Coach and a certified Neuro‐Linguistic Programme (NLP) practitioner. He is the author of Design Your Destiny and Speak With Confidence. He is the founder of Genius Minds Academy (GMA) in Bangalore and co-founder of Nexus Training International in Singapore.