Resting within

New Zealand South Islands
Photo: © Robert Clements

I have been travelling the length and the breadth of New Zealand the last few days; driving in a hired car, thousands of kilometres, walking up dormant volcanoes, climbing jagged peaks to see glaciers, watching the sea spout through blow holes, following rivers to their furious beginnings and enjoying myself in never before seen God-given beauty, till today I felt the urge to rest, as resting is what my body seemed to be demanding!

How strange, I think to myself, that with all the rest my mind got from breathing in the spectacular sights, with all the relaxation I felt lying in the lap of nature, at this time I feel something within me crying, ‘Enough! Rest awhile!’

And my mind goes back to a story of a group of early explorers exploring the African wild lands hundreds of years ago. They had hired local sturdy natives to carry their equipment and other baggage and then proceeded on their journey. They moved at an incredible speed, mapping new rivers, trekking through intense jungle and scaling unexplored mountains. The locals were never tired until one day when the explorers were a wee bit surprised to find these same men not getting up to go with them.

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