I’m scared; I can’t focus

I’m a student of class 11 and I’m scared. I can’t focus; I can’t study for long. I get distracted easily and because I know I am not studying enough, get scared. This tension paralyzes my mind and prevents me from thinking and concentrating. I’ve watched videos on the importance of focusing and how to focus because it is the ultimate thing one can do to achieve anything. But somehow watching those videos and enquiring more and more has confused me. I am clueless as to what to do. I keep searching for inspiration; I even listen to inspirational songs that can trigger focus but I cannot resist distraction. Please help.
Akshaz (16) / Solan, H.P.

Dear Akshaz, your lack of thinking and concentration to the point that you are scared and “clueless as to what to do” in life, points to a lack of motivation in your life. Motivation is the desire to achieve a beautiful goal for our lives. God gives us gifts at a physical, intellectual and spiritual level, which we have to use to become the good and beautiful persons He wants us to be. The guidance of parents, teachers, religious leaders and good friends helps us to discover our talents and natural gifs we should use for this purpose. Unfortunately, you do not give any information about your family, upbringing and other relationships in your life. Do not get discouraged or depressed; through personal prayer and meditation, with the help of those who love you and whom you love, you will slowly come to know yourself better and be able to choose the right path for your life.

Dr Anthony Grugni, MD
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Dr Anthony Grugni, MD

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