Is there a scope for B.M.M. in Mumbai?

 Q  I want to do B.M.M. Is there a good scope in Mumbai? What are the job opportunities in this field?
Ritu / Mumbai

 A  Bachelor in Mass Media (BMM) teaches students the skills necessary for careers in reporting, writing and editing functions with newspapers, wire services, magazines and special publications. It has been designed to provide students with a firm grounding in communication skills, critical thinking and creativity.

During the course, emphasis is given to field assignments and practicals. A good course in journalism gives you the chance to do an internship with some of the best names in business, besides teaching the basic skills.

Students of B.M.M. are usually employed by newspapers and magazines, television channels, radio stations, websites and other media. Some of them do freelance work. Due to an increase in the number of TV channels, radio stations, websites, suburban weekly and daily newspapers there is an increase in jobs in this field. Turnover is relatively high because some find it too stressful and hectic, or don’t like the lifestyle and transfer to public relations or advertising work.

Dr Vibha Gupta
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