Should I keep ignoring him?

It was love at first sight for me two years ago when I saw him. I never told him anything. Somehow we became friends and started spending time together. Five months ago he proposed to me; it was like a dream come true. I accepted, but after three months we broke up due to some complications which was not easy for me. Now I don’t know how to react when around him so I ignore him which is not easy for me. He called me and asked why I was ignoring him. I didn’t answer; but he again proposed to me and I rejected the call. I know he loves me but I’m confused. Should I give him a chance again or should I keep ignoring him? I’m sad, depressed; please help me.
Tania / Uttarakhand

Dear Tania, two years ago you got infatuated with a boy but kept it to yourself and spent time with him as a friend. Five months ago he proposed to you, which you accepted, but after three months both of you decided to break up due to some complications. Both of you seem to be confused about how to handle a love relationship. Now you have decided to ignore him and rejected his call to restart the relationship. You feel hurt, sad and depressed. If he was responsible for breaking up the relationship you should forgive him if you really love him. Forgiveness is a sign of true love. If, on the contrary, you were responsible, apologize and restart the relationship, as you know he loves you.

Dr Anthony Grugni, MD
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