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With the crazy, hectic lives we lead, we don’t really have time to think about snacking. Sparing some time for our main meals becomes such a challenge. But did you know that eating 3-4 small snacks between meals gives you energy and increases your metabolism, which in turn helps you reduce weight and burn fat? But wait, there’s a catch!

When we say snacking in between, we mean healthy snacks that are high in fibre and protein, and not junk food like samosas, vadas, chaat, pizzas, etc. It’s not that difficult if you make up your mind to eat healthy snacks. Carry them with you so that you don’t really have to give in to unhealthy temptations. Let’s look at some of the healthy options that are easy to carry as well.

Fruit and nuts

Fruits are sacred foods of the earth with natural vitamins and minerals that give you energy on the go. They are easy to carry and eat even when you are travelling or setting out for a break. Nuts, on the other hand, have good fats and are filling. They can be easily kept in your pocket to be munched on even during an important meeting. Apples, pears, oranges, walnuts, almonds, etc., are great convenient options.
Calories: Less than 120 kcal

Masala Fruit Bowl

Masala Fruit Bowl
Ingredients: 1 apple, 1 medium pear, 1/2 medium guava, 100ml orange juice, 2 anjirs – chopped up, Chaat masala as per taste

Method: Wash and chop all the fruits into medium square cubes. Juice one orange. Mix all the above ingredients in bowl. Sprinkle chaat masala as per taste and enjoy.

Boiled eggs

High in protein and vitamin A, they are excellent, filling snacks that help your muscles and cells repair themselves. If you are weight-conscious, you can opt for egg whites instead of the yellow. The only thing you need to do is peel them when you want to eat them, so that they remain fresh.
Calories: Less than 100 kcal

Grilled Egg Sandwich

Grilled Sandwich
Ingredients: 2 slices bread, 2 boiled egg whites, ½ onion, ¼ capsicum, ½ boiled potato, 1 tbsp chopped coriander leaves, Pepper and salt to taste

Method: Boil eggs and potatoes. Slice eggs, onion, green chilly, capsicum and potatoes separately. Mix all the ingredients. Take two slices of bread and layer the eggs, onion, capsicum and potatoes in between. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Grill the sandwich and serve with green chutney and ketchup.


Again, easy to prepare and carry. All you need to do is steam them, add cucumber, tomatoes, onions, lime, and chaat masala and there you have it! A healthy protein, fibre and vitamin C rich snack. You can use a variety of sprouts like moong, moth, rajmah, chana, or even a mixture of all these.
Calories: 150 kcal

Sprouted Moong Chaat

Sprouted Moong Chaat
Ingredients: 200 gms sprouted moong, 1 onion (chopped), 1 boiled potato, 1 green capsicum (seeded and chopped), 1 tomato (chopped), 1 green chilli (chopped), juice of 1 lemon, 1 tsp. chaat masala.

Method: Mix sprouted moong, onion, potato, capsicum, tomato and green chilli. Refrigerate for half an hour. Mix lemon juice, chaat masala and salt to make a dressing. Mix dressing with sprouted moong and vegetables at the time of serving.

Nutrichoice Oats / Ragi Biscuits

These are healthy, tasty, and easy to carry. 1-2 biscuits during a tiny break will give you the fibre and energy your body needs. Ragi is also an excellent source of calcium.
Calories: Less than 80 kcal

Fruity biscuits

Fruity Biscuits
Ingredients: 2 Britannia Nutrichoice Digestive biscuits, 20 gms mango, chopped, 20 gms strawberry, chopped, 1 tsp chocolate/strawberry syrup

Method: Mix the mango and strawberry. On the biscuits, place this fruit mixture. Top it with chocolate/strawberry syrup and serve.

This is a fairly new snack option available in the market. You can buy sweet or savoury versions of it as per your choice. A handful of muesli with some green tea during your tea break will give you the energy rush you need to focus on your remaining day’s work. You can also opt for muesli with nuts to add to the nutrition value.
Calories: 100 kcal

Make sure you stock your bag with these foods to keep your health in your hands always. Eat healthy, stay fit!

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