He spreads bad rumours about me

Some students in my class began spreading rumours about me and a boy in class. At first I used to ignore it, but then I got a few hints. After 3 years he told me that he used to like me since years. I started chatting with him on Facebook (because I wanted to use Facebook for the first time) and in class we talked through chits but for a few days only. But then he got quite frank and sometimes followed me home in spite of my warning not to do so. I clearly told him that I didn’t like him and told my father everything. He was also scolded by his father. He gets jealous when I talk to another boy in class and told me that he will beat up that boy. He also spreads bad rumours about me and that boy in class. I am completely disturbed due to it and can’t concentrate on my studies. Please help.
Aanchal (15)

Dear Aanchal, you were in a relationship with a boy in your class and chatted with him on Facebook and sometimes through chits in the classroom. Later on he started following you home and you did not like it and told him so. You told your father about it and his father too came to know and scolded him. Now he gets jealous when you talk to another boy in the class and spreads bad rumours about you and that boy. Keep your father informed about this situation and he can keep in touch with that boy’s father and warn him not to do so. As you have done nothing wrong with that boy you can have peace and concentrate on your studies as no one will listen to those rumours.

Dr Anthony Grugni, MD
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