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Young woman looking at old photos and reliving memories of the past

Our lives are a collection of all the little memorable day-to-day moments and big events that create our history from birth to death. Many a time, they are savoured and forgotten. Sometimes they occur as sudden flashes in our present thoughts. Rarely are they treasured in tangible forms as memories for a lifetime. Read on to know how to convert these precious seconds into indelible memories that embrace us till we leave a lasting legacy!


Indulging in Diary Entries on a regular basis (usually daily or weekly) is one way for preserving beautiful moments by recording your experiences through words or cartoons or animations or a combo of any two of these soaked in emotions. In short, they are a mini autobiography of our lives!

Family or Individual Scrap Books are another interesting medium through which significant events such as family gatherings, festivals, birth, etc., are recorded. Laced with vivid pictures of people and places described by lucid phrases, they are a collection of memories of mostly positive happenings unlike diary entries which are a mixed lot and they sure hold, the “Beauty of our Past”!

Our lives are filled with smaller stories which when pieced together, form a big story. Each of us has a unique story to tell. So why not then record our stories through an interesting tale? Through role play and dramatization, Storytelling can preserve our most cherished moments, specially with technology. Narrating a cherished or sad event into a story helps us relive the memory again and digital recordings of chronological sequence of such events form a good movie that spans across time!

Positive reinforcement

Hidden in pages or locked in stories, memories are unconsciously reinforced time and again when we have leisure conversations with acquaintances, friends, or relatives. Most of the time, we discuss the happy memories and keep the sad ones to ourselves. However, explaining how we evolved into better humans from bitter memories can also reinforce more positivity into our lives, thus enhancing our sense of well-being.

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