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One of the most exciting things about studying abroad is that you can get an opportunity to study in an international environment where, very often, education is about developing analytical thinking and skill development. Plus, studying along with people from different countries increases your ability to handle cross-cultural communication. But one of the greatest advantages is that you can choose to study an inter-disciplinary course or a new cutting-edge course if that is where your interests lie.

Industrial placement

But with all that choice at your disposal it is important to still be pragmatic about your course selection. At the undergraduate level it is possible to study in a university which offers a sandwich or a co-op programme. The sandwich course offers you an opportunity to work in the industry for 6 months to a year thereby giving you an opportunity to utilize your theoretical knowledge in an industrial or commercial setting. You can integrate an industrial placement with a large range of subjects like Engineering, Business, Psychology, Law, etc. Plus there are a range of courses that are available overseas which are still not available in India, for example, environment studies, development studies, animal behaviour, renewable energy, etc.

New age courses

You should consider choosing a course that is in tune with your long-term career goals. Some courses, even though still not available in India, have tremendous career prospects. E.g., internet security, though not available in India as a degree, can be a useful specialization.

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