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Now that you have selected your universities, and the courses, it is best to start doing some in-depth research of the shortlisted universities. Most universities have clear instructions available on their website for international applicants. Additionally, universities may have a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section which you might find useful. In case there is an instruction you don’t understand completely you could potentially email the university and request a reply or work with a local consultant for international education.

Marksheets and transcripts

Universities in different countries have different requirements hence the importance of doing in-depth research with the university that you shortlisted. Universities in the U.S. very often require you to submit transcripts from your college and/or they might also require you to get your credentials evaluated from agencies like World Education Service ( If credential evaluation is required please contact WES several weeks ahead during your preparation stage itself.

Reference letter

Unlike some Indian institutions, a character or a moral certificate is not required by universities abroad. The reference letters must always be taken from somebody who has either taught you academically or worked with you in a job/internship. Email a copy of your resume to the referee ahead of time while requesting the reference letter. (See my column on guidance for the Reference Letter)

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