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Warm clothes and the winter season is a favourite feeling for most of us. But in India, the temperature is never constant, it can go from being pleasantly cool to decently warm. If we choose to dress in very warm clothes like dumpy cable-knit sweaters and knitted scarves, it will be unflattering, not to mention having to experience sweltering hotness when the climate gets warmer as the day progresses. So here’s a capsule wardrobe of winter essentials in India.

I have made this list keeping in mind to incorporate pieces which can be layered up or down to suit the climate as the day or night progresses.

For the girls

Wacky printed tights1. Black Tights: This is the essential piece for layering beneath anything from mini dresses, midi dresses, skirts or maxi dresses with longer slits.

2. Wacky Printed Tights: Wacky prints like vegetable prints and different animal prints are a rage right now and incorporating this in your winter wardrobe with solid coloured knit dresses are a great way to style it.

3. Graphic Tee: Almost everyone is bound to have graphic tees in their wardrobe. Make use of them this season by layering them underneath your cardigans and paired with bottoms of your choice from skirts, pants or jeans.

4. Black light knit sweater and Off white/cream light knit sweater

5. Turtleneck full sleeve light knit top


Full sleeve Henley shirtFor the guys

1. Undistressed jeans: Dark wash jeans are a must have in any season for the guys, but make sure that the pairs you opt for are not distressed. Save the distressed ones which can provide needed ventilation for the summer, and cozy up with warm denims this winter.

2. Plaid shirt: No winter wardrobe is complete without plaid for men.

3. Full sleeve Henley shirt: Although these are good options to wear as undershirts, you can use these as your first layer of clothing, and it can be dressed up or down with your choice of shirts/hoodies/sweaters/scarves to suit the climate as the day progresses

4. Graphic tee shirt: Another first layer option is to wear your usual graphic tee and throw on a button-down shirt unbuttoned on top, or a casual jacket as suited to your style.

5. Crew-neck light knit sweater/V-neck sweater: This is a no-brainer, if you need to bundle up for the cold, at least 2-3 sweaters are necessary in your wardrobe. But always keep in mind that cable knit sweaters are usually never needed in India.

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