The truth about risks

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All human activities involve risks, some more than others.

Dr Shefali Batra

Most days in life start with the usual chores, typical routines, everyday duties and responsibilities, and pre-determined processes. Many may call this life boring and mundane. And then some wish to make this life more interesting, fascinating and stimulating by daring to be different, adventurous or even out of the box. In general, life offers limited guarantees; the only surety is that of its end. It is that lone truth that drives each one to accomplish the best within our time here. That truth, in many ways, ought to drive each one of us to wiser choices and rational decisions. However, just because life is going to end, one has no reason to ‘not live’ it. Life itself exemplifies change, growth and revolution. Effort and endurance are options that you are free to take even though favourable outcomes aren’t always your choice. All human activities involve risks, some more than others. The potential that an action will lead to loss, failure and damage explains the urgency of making the right choice. But the thing is risks will always exist and that must not instill fear of diving into the deep waters. Rational and sound judgement can help outweigh the risks and add adventure without danger or uncertainty. Life comes with no duration of warranty but we still live it. And if we could, we should live it to the fullest.

Fear: an accelerator and a handbrake
Gavin de Becker, a bestselling author and public figure, insisted that true fear is the biggest gift of all. It is a survival signal that sounds solely in the incidence of real danger. You can never get to know the flavour of the tea leaves enough unless they’re dropped in hot water.

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Dr Shefali Batra
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Dr Shefali Batra

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