World’s first touch-free smartphone for the disabled

Disabled youngster using Sesame smartphone

Meet Sesame, the smartphone designed specifically for the mobility impaired. Developed by Oded Ben Dov and Giora Livne of Israel-based startup Sesame Enable, the phone allows disabled users to control it with their voice or with just head movements.

The Sesame Phone is a Google Nexus 5 phone customized to include facial recognition capabilities and a cursor that floats over the home screen, allowing people to click on apps without using their hands. Users open the Sesame Enable app by saying, “Open Sesame,” which opens a window that capture’s key points on the user’s face. When the phone has a good read of a user’s face, a cursor appears. Turn your head slightly to the right and the cursor moves right. Stop, and a navigation icon appears, allowing you to click, drag, swipe, or exit.

Giora Livne, who himself is disabled, says, “My life quality jumped from the Stone Age to the smartphone age.”

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