Turn your finger into a magic wand

Logbar's Ring gesture control device

Logbar’s Ring device looks like nothing more than a silver ring, but it’s packed with features that allow it to recognize your finger gestures and control a number of devices. Write text messages by simply drawing in the air or access apps by drawing designated shapes in the air. E.g., drawing a music note accesses your music player, drawing a camera opens the camera app, while drawing an envelope shape accesses your email. To activate Ring, press a button on the side, and receive alerts either by vibration or view the LED pinpoints near the button port. Ring performs upto 1,000 gestures before its battery needs to be recharged. It can be connected via Bluetooth to a smart device or any compatible device within a network including smart lights and TVs, Google Glass and smartwatches. It currently works on iOS 7 and Android 4.4.

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