Vocational Education: The need of the hour

Inauguration of ham radio training

Vocational Education refers to education that trains students to gain specific skills to do specific work and enter into a specific vocation.

In ancient times, we had the Goldsmith Guild and Blacksmith Guild wherein people took training from these experts and entered into that profession. Today, we have ventured into Vocational Education along with higher academic education through Technical Colleges, ITI’s & specific Vocational Institutions.

Lecture on entrepreneurship

In the U.S., we have community colleges. Ordinary Americans are unable to afford prestigious academic education; hence they attend Community Colleges and learn various technical courses and take up jobs for their living.

New India, in the wake of the Government’s new schemes, promulgated by Hon. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, like ATAL Tinkering Labs, NSDC, PMKVY, MSSDS, is encouraging the youth to take technical skills and enter into the field of entrepreneurship or ‘job givers’ rather than ‘job seekers’. The Government is envisioning a generation of innovators from those with creative skills, industrial designs, good hand-motor coordination and general dexterity, ingenuity and creativity, thereby giving companies the skills they want and provide the workers with the fishing rods to fish for a better life.

Inauguration of nursing course

All students are not good at academics neither can they afford it. Thus, we need to recognize this and offer vocational studies along with academic studies; the onus of educating or skilling lies with us, the educators.
Let us make the maximum utilization of the available space to help students of different interests take up a decent means of livelihood. We can and we must utilize the available space after or before school hours for various skill development courses.

Dr Vanashri Valecha
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