It’s wardrobe detox month!

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With the spring season just around the corner it’s time to clean out and reorganize your wardrobe. Your skin and body are not the only things that need a detox; your wardrobe needs one too. Discard the things you won’t be needing and pick up some new clothes, accessories and footwear. It’s time to welcome the new shades and silhouettes for the upcoming season.

Things to do before you start your spring cleaning/revamp mission
  • The first thing you need to do is hijack a friend/your sister for some unbiased suggestions/opinions.
  • Don’t disregard your friend’s/sister’s opinion.
  • Get a few cardboard boxes.
  • Take out all your clothes and put them on the bed or on a sheet on the ground.
  • Set a goal to clean out the things you don’t need.
  • Arrange to donate your old clothes.
  • Don’t forget to shop!
  • Work out at least 5 to 10 new outfits from your revamped wardrobe.
How to spring clean your wardrobe
Here are some of my tips for that much-needed spring clean:
1. Check your clothes for holes or rips. See what you can do to repair them, like stitch them up, sew patches on them, do some embroidery, etc. Check if you can use the ones which are irreparable to repair other clothes or if they can be used to make scarves, etc. You can also repair clothes by cutting out the sleeves, making cut-outs, cropping them, making fringes, etc.

2. Check your clothes for stains and put all the stained ones for washing. Use a good stain removal liquid to try to get rid of the stains. After that separate the ones that you’d like to wear and the ones you’d like to donate. If you are unable to get rid of stains from any clothes and wish to use them try and cover them up with a jacket when you wear them. If you’re unable to fix them, put them in a ‘wear at home’ pile or in your donation box.

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