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In the previous issue, we learned how handwriting analysis can help you understand yourself better and see yourself in a totally new light. In the next couple of issues, we’ll focus on the various parameters of graphology, namely, baseline margins, pressure strokes, slant, etc.

Let’s begin with a detailed explanation of margins (click on an illustration to see a larger version):

Ideal margin for handwriting

1. Ideal margins: Usually 1-1.5 inches on the left, pretty far to the right side without crushing into it. This indicates a healthy left/right balance; the writer has a healthy relation to the past and the future and is able to focus and concentrate on the present scenario.

Handwriting with even margins all around

2. Even margins all around: You can control the left margin because you can choose where to start and where exactly to stop. But someone who is controlling his right margin must write slowly. These persons are more interested in visual effects; they are very appearance conscious, interested in beauty, design, symmetry and order and balance. They are highly organized and have very good planning and execution skills. They always have a backup plan. They are never dependent on any one person in life; they have multiple choices and resources available. Such people are very detailed-minded. They do not leave anything to chance; everything is well planned in advance. Unfortunately, they lack spontaneity.

Handwriting with overly wide left margin

3. Overly wide left margins: Such people are trying to create an imaginary barrier between themselves and the past. The trait is indicative of someone who has had a very terrible past from which he/she has the eagerness to flee. Such people stay away from the place of birth for a very long time. They are cultured, extroverted, have high standards of living, are a bit impulsive, intelligent, interested in world affairs, keep a safe distance from people and like a lavish lifestyle.

Handwriting with overly wide right margin

4. Overly wide right margins: These persons put an imaginary barrier between themselves and the future — as to how far they can actually go in life. They are not ready to face the future and miss out on opportunities available. They must have faced a certain kind of failure and that fear of failure is now embedded in their minds so deeply that they are unwilling to take any sort of future risk or to come out of their comfort zones. There is also a lack of self-confidence. Such persons could possibly be homesick, too.

Handwriting with margin wide on all sides

5. Margins wide on all sides: These people need to be socially protected. They are maladjusted, dependent, lonely and withdrawn. They work well alone and want to be the centre of attraction. They are unwilling to take any risk/opportunity and are therefore not able to achieve much in life. They do not worry about the past nor do they concentrate on any future planning; they just want to live in the present. They have a good aesthetic sense for music or the arts.

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