We were best buddies

I had a very good friend who was a girl and my classmate. We spent a lot time together and were best buddies like forever. But after a few months of our friendship, my other friends thought I was in a relationship with her. This went on for many days and even today they all tease me about this. Now she doesn’t talk to me because of these untrue issues that my friends have created. What should I do?
Ayush (15) / Allahabad

Dear Ayush, teenagers sometimes fail to believe that a boy and a girl can be good friends, without being in a ‘love’ relationship. They can be cruel and keep teasing about this matter. As you know that nothing is going on between you and that girl, you should ignore their words; they will get bored of taunting someone who does not care. That girl too feels embarrassed because of this situation and doesn’t talk to you. If possible, tell her how you feel about this matter and not to be afraid of continuing a good friendship.

Dr Anthony Grugni, MD
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Dr Anthony Grugni, MD

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