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Let’s face it, we all love our whites. It’s that one classic colour that you just can’t dislike. But we all face problems when it comes to wearing white. White clothes are difficult to maintain; making sure that the shade of white doesn’t fade or look shabby or dirty is a difficult task.

White is trending and we all love it but it’s tricky to pair it right. Sometime we mess up when it comes to pairing colours. Recently, I got a pair of white and grey denims and tried so hard to pair them right, but messed up! Although it’s okay to make mistakes and create new fashions; there’s nothing wrong in learning from your mistakes! So, here’s a guide to pairing your must-have whites.

Model wearing white jeans and olive green jacket


White jeans are the easiest to pair and play around with. When you wear white jeans, just be very careful where you sit. It’s not nice to see a pair of white jeans with a huge brown stain of dirt on them; plus they’re difficult to clean.

Floral prints: You can wear a cute floral or bohemian top with your white denims. Avoid a plain old spaghetti top and pick something with sleeves or an off-shoulder or cold shoulder top.

Denim jacket: Pair your white denims with a white and black striped top and a blue denim jacket. You can wear nude heels, black boots or white vans with it.

Pastel shirts: You can get a slightly classy formal look if you pair your white jeans with a pastel coloured shirt and tuck it in and add a belt to it. Match your footwear with your shirt preferably.

Crochet sweater: A light-coloured crochet sweater looks amazing with white jeans.

Olive/Camouflage jacket: Either of these will look great without a doubt. White jeans paired with white Olive or Camo will stand out and all eyes will be on you. Wear a white top inside and preferably pair with white shoes.

Model wearing long white skirt


A slightly ripped white denim skirt looks amazing on everyone. You just can’t go wrong with a denim skirt especially if it’s white.

Monochrome: Pair your whites with blacks!

Go plaid: A formal or a plaid shirt with a white skirt just looks amazing.

Long skirt: You can go monochrome with a long white skirt maybe with a slit. Make sure the slit isn’t too high.

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