What time is it?

Time management concept of clock running away from man

→ No!
→ Not now!
→ It’s too early!
→ I’m not just ready!
→ I haven’t completed it yet!
→ I’m not geared to start as of now!
→ I haven’t made up my mind about this!
→ I’m still thinking and I guess I will decide soon!

When is the right time?

Learning to prioritize, i.e., filtering essential tasks from the trivial ones isn’t easy. It is human nature to second guess, procrastinate, postpone, reschedule and yet again, adjourn. It just seems like it’s never the right time, doesn’t it? Never right enough to follow a healthy diet or exercise, or sort the desk, complete your homework, or spend time with family? And then where is the time to speak the truth, to own up, to apologize and mend broken friendships and relationships? But if not for all this, what do we have the time for right now? There are big things in life and then there are little things. And we need to accomplish everything in this one lifetime. Prioritizing is hence very important.

Sort yourself

Usually the muddle is not in the room or desk or school bag. It’s in the mind. What you see around you is a reflection of what goes on within you. It is very likely that you know what you must do and when you have to do it. You don’t need anyone else to make timetables for you. It is important to go to the craft store to pick collectibles and make a birthday card for a close friend because it’s his birthday tomorrow. This may not be as important two weeks from now. But homework, class assignments, studies, exercise and family are always important. These are the big things that you ideally should always budget for. The little things can always be squeezed in once the big ones are sorted.

The clock won’t stop ticking

You can, of course, remove the battery of the clock and stop its ticking, but time still won’t wait for you. We don’t have to work like robots with every minute of our day timed and dedicated to a specific task; however, the clock does exist to remind us that time is always passing and there are things to be done. And in our life, we are the only ones who can do them. Everyone has their own preferences on how they use or misuse their time.

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