When I talk to my mother I lose my cool

I am good to my parents, but very often when I talk to my mother I lose my cool. It doesn’t mean that I shout at her, but I become more annoyed with her and not with my father. I know a mother really loves her child but when I hear her say something against me I just feel so lonely, as if there is no one to love me! I am so depressed with this attitude.
Shruthi (16)

Dear Shruthi, parents show their love for their children not only when they praise and appreciate them but also when they correct them and show displeasure at some wrong behaviour. This is a sacred right and duty of every parent. Listen carefully when your mother corrects you; most probably you deserved her correction. She is not against you but actually showing her love and care in correcting you, so that you will improve yourself. Be more humble and change your attitude.

Dr Anthony Grugni, MD
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Dr Anthony Grugni, MD

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