Who’s the Netflix fashion showstopper?

Hannah Baker, Jughead Jones and Frankie

I am going to start this article with a confession… I AM A NETFLIX ADDICT! There it is, out there for you all to know (don’t be like me!). I love watching crime shows or thrillers — Pretty Little Liars, Criminal Minds, CSI, Suits, Riverdale, 13 Reasons Why

When PLL and Criminal Minds ended, it just broke my heart! But shows like 13 Reasons Why and Degrassi just blew me away. These shows are the real deal. They discuss social issues and taboos like suicide, rape, gender identity issues, mental disorders, bullying, drug abuse, body image issues. Now, before we get to the fashion part I would like to tell you guys not to be scared if you ever have any teenage problems; please reach out to a counsellor in school or an adult you can trust, maybe a trusted teacher or parent or relative.

Now 13 Reasons Why, Riverdale and Degrassi have amazing characters each of whom has a very unique sense of style. Here’s a list of some of my favourite characters and their looks.

Hannah Davis

13 Reasons Why's Hannah Baker

Hannah has a simple but chic sense of style. You’ll see her wearing printed dresses and tops; she wears a lot of floral, aztec and boho printed skirts and tops. She pairs these with different types of denim jackets and plaid shirts. Denim jackets are a smart choice because they never go out of fashion and they last really long. You will see her wearing denim jackets with her printed dresses and with her casual tops too. It’s very simple but it’s something you can never go wrong with. You’ll also see her wearing waist belts and boots. She doesn’t accessorize though which kind of makes it dull.

Jughead Jones

Riverdale's Jughead Jones

Juggy sports a lot of hip outfits. He wears a lot of sherpa jackets and you’ll see him with a shirt or jacket tied around the waist. He has a good collection of sherpa jackets in plaid print, denim in blue, ice and white shades. He also sports the Southside Serpent’s leather jacket. He never fails to surprise with his hip look.

Lola & Frankie

Degrassi's Frankie

I do look up to Lola for the bold hair colour but she just seems too colourful and too neon for my liking. She really needs to tone down the neon colours that make my eyes bleed! God save her from the fashion police! Nobody really stands out too much in Degrassi though I do like Frankie. She seems like a timid character who grows eventually with every episode. She wears pretty floral dresses with a waist belt as well as overalls a.k.a. dungarees. I love the dungarees trend. It’s a gutsy move to wear it and carry it off with grace and Frankie manages to do just that.

Plus! Jessica Davis, Tony Padilla and Cheryl Blossom!

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