Why being ‘active’ is the best

When I sit with my 84-year-old grandmom and talk about how she lived her life in her younger days, I am truly amazed. From doing the dishes and the laundry, to cooking, taking care of six children and managing the house, there was just so much physical activity involved all through her day. She represents lakhs of people from that generation who have experienced a similar life. I am sure your parents or grandparents will vouch for the same.

When I compare my life to hers, I realize that so much has changed over the years with the advent of technology and some things have made us lose touch with a healthy living. We make poor lifestyle choices not because we want to do it but because we have become slaves of a techno-savvy world where everything is either remote-controlled or a just click away from us.

Technology has made our lives easier and there is no doubt about the pros of technology on a wider perspective. None of us can imagine our lives without a smartphone, notepad, Playstation or a Kindle. As far as home appliances are concerned, washing machine, LCD television set or the smart refrigerators are no longer a luxury but a necessity.

It is also a world where Fitbits are marketed more than the idea of staying fit itself. You have applications like Runtastic which measures the distance you run and the calories you burn while you run. You have numerous mobile applications which calculate your pulse and heart rate. It is important for you to consider though, that these are only tools to help you measure your activity and you have to enjoy the process of staying fit while these technologically advanced gadgets take care of the rest.

The idea is surely not to replace any of these items in our lives but to balance them out with more activity along the way. We, in fact, have more time at our disposal since most of our work is eased with these techno-tools and it can be used more efficiently. I truly believe that one does not need any extra effort to ensure an active lifestyle and keep all health issues at bay. All you need is to make conscious life choices when you are young and give your body all the attention it deserves. After all, “your body is your temple and you need to preserve it.”

Here are a few things you can do to have an active lifestyle:

Start simple

If you take the stairs instead of the lift, or you walk short distances while travelling instead of looking for a cab, you are already on your way to a better life. Everything in life needs some training and being active or fit is no different. The first few times may seem difficult and then your body and mind get used to it. As a teenager, you can inculcate these things in your life with more ease and it will become a habit for you sooner than you know it.

Pick up a sport

Whether you like football, cricket, swimming or badminton, anything that makes you happy is just the best way to ensure you live an active life. The idea is to enjoy the activity and not take it as a burdensome process. A scientific study suggests that 87% of people who have played a sport between the ages of 15-24, live a much healthier life post 40 years of age. It just means that what you do for your health today, can impact your life two decades later.

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