World’s best pranks

More likely than not, it’s your poor friends and family who often fall prey to your pranks. But the pranks listed here are on a larger scale, deceiving naïve people across the world. Of course, it was a great bonus that they were plotted at a time when media and technology were vastly new. Take a look and maybe even find inspiration for your next prank!

Cartoon illustration of a woman stretching stocking in front of B&W television
Illustration: © Rama Ramesh

Transforming a B&W television

Back in 1962, SVT, the only television network in Sweden, came up with a way to tease people. Imagine someone telling you that it was possible to watch your favourite programme in colour and that all you needed was a pair of stockings! A ‘technical expert’ informed people that when stockings were stretched in front of their black and white television sets, light would be filtered out in a way that would allow them to see the broadcast in full colour! For best results, he added, it would be necessary to move their heads from side to side. Apparently, thousands of viewers fell for it and probably looked silly trying it out.

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