Write for us

It’s your chance to get published in The Teenager Today — India’s only teenzine!

What you can submit

If you have a good idea for an article, send us your article title, brief description, and previously published writing samples.

Short Stories
If it has a beginning, middle and end, a well-developed plot and interesting characters; it if takes place in the past, present or future … send your short story to us.

Reader’s Blog
Share a life-changing moment or experience with teens across the country. Or just voice your opinion about something you care about.

Poets & Poetry
Do you love writing poetry? Do verses just run through your head? Then Poets & Poetry is for you! We only consider original poetry. Keep your poems short.

Photo Pik
Show off your photography skills and creativity in this column dedicated to teen photographers.

Do you have a favourite joke? Something that really makes people laugh out loud? Send it to us and we’ll share it with the rest of our teen readers in Funny Bone.

How to send your submissions to us

E-mail your submissions to editorial@theteenagertoday.com

Submission guidelines

  • Include the following information with each submission: Name, Date of birth/Age, Name of your school/college and place.
  • We accept submissions all year long. If you are sending in an article that is holiday-specific, try to send it in at least two months before the holiday.
  • Label all work fiction or non-fiction. Include the following originality statement at the end of each submission: “I hereby certify that the above work is completely original”.
  • Include the following info with each submission:
    Name, Date of birth, Home address, Phone/Mobile number, Name of your school/college and city.
  • Writing may be edited and we reserve the right to publish our edited version without your prior approval.
  • Photographs sent by e-mail as an attachment should be of good resolution and less than 1MB in size.
  • Any work you submit may be published in The Teenager Today print magazine and/or on our website. We don’t return posted submissions, so keep a copy.
  • All works submitted become the property of The Teenager Today and all copyrights are assigned to The Teenager Today. We retain the non-exclusive rights to publish all such works in any format. All material in The Teenager Today is copyrighted to protect us and to exclude others from republishing your work.


Who decides what gets published?
Our editorial staff reviews all year. We read every submission and pick the best for each section of The Teenager Today‘s print magazine and website.

I sent something in a few months ago, but it hasn’t been published. What should I do?
Due to the volume of submissions we get each month, we can only publish a fraction of them. Keep reading The Teenager Today (print and website) to see if your submission has appeared.

How will I know if I get published?
If you are published in The Teenager Today‘s print magazine, you’ll receive an e-mail notification. You will also receive a print copy and digital version of the issue in which your work was published. (In case of Teen Point of View and Jokes, you will receive only a digital issue).

Who will see my work if it is published?
The Teenager Today goes out to thousands of teens across the country. Many adults receive the print edition too, including parents and teachers. And, of course, anyone could see your writing and photography on this website.