You need these so badly!

‘If life throws rocks at you make a million dollar business out of it!’ is the motto that applies to rare creative masterminds! This month is dedicated to all the clever geniuses who came up with the most brilliant inventions — give each of them a cookie!

Ostrich pillow
Illustration: © Rama Ramesh

Comfort matters more than looks, right?
Is it a hood? Is it a pillow? Is it a gigantic garlic bulb? Nope, it’s the ostrich pillow! This amazing invention was designed to offer quality snooze time to the sleep-deprived souls wandering around in airports or travelling in trains looking for an undisturbed spot to sleep. Many who’ve used it believe that it has championed the sleep revolution like never before. If ever there’s a minus point, it’s how people stare at you when you put it on. Don’t worry, it’s plain jealousy, nothing else!

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Rama Ramesh
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Rama Ramesh

Rama Ramesh is a creative writer who has written stories and features for children’s magazines and has co-authored a series of nanotechnology books for kids.