Raising pertinent issues

I loved the illustration on the cover of the July 2023 issue! The lead story, Tigers At A Crossroads, by Nitish Barole was very enlightening. We, teenagers, must lead the way in raising awareness about the importance of tigers, preserving their habitat and living with them in harmony. The facts and illustrations in Rama Ramesh’s Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright were really cool. Thank you, TTT, for raising such pertinent issues through the pages of this wonderful magazine.

Renita (16)

TTT is such a fun magazine to read!

TTT is such a fun magazine to read! One of my favourite columns is Music. I was excited to read Verus Ferreira’s interview with Penn Masala in the July 2023 issue; I’ve been a fan of theirs for a long time. It’s great to read interviews with such artists, which we otherwise would not have access to. I also love Poets & Poetry with its touching poems, and Wired and Sci-Tech with the latest news in technology and science.

Rishabh (16)

TTT teaches us how to face problems

My friend has been subscribing to TTT for the past two years, and I used to borrow it from him to read. More than him, I used to eagerly wait for it. Recently, I decided to get a subscription of my own rather than wait. It’s so much fun to read. TTT teaches us how to face the problems which come up in our teen age. I like Career Talk with Dr Vibha Gupta as she guides teens on their study and career path. Funny Bone is hilarious as usual and I love the amazing photos in Photo Pik. The interviews with young entrepreneurs are very inspiring to read, and make me want to work hard and achieve more. I never miss a single page of every issue of TTT.

Jai (17)

I love to lose myself in TTT’s pages each month

I have never been excited about any mag the way I am for my TTT! I love to lose myself in its pages each month. It takes me to a different world. Soul Strings touches my heart with its beautiful messages. The stories of the personalities featured in Global Icons are very inspiring. I also love to read Foodie, Film Review, DYK and Bob’s Banter, and enjoy solving the puzzles in Mind Games by Dr Blessy M. Thomas. Thank you to all those who make TTT awesomely awesome!

Nandini (17)