Therapeutic from cover to cover

I find The Teenager Today so therapeutic from cover to cover. I just love reading Soul Strings, Weird & Wonderful, Teen Skits and Funny Bone. All the pages have fresh content every month. The entire magazine is so entertaining and inspiring. I liked the article Top 5 AI Tools For Teens by Dr Resham Satyani; it was very helpful to me.

Anjali (15) / Chennai

Cured me of my smartphone addiction

My parents say that The Teenager Today has cured me of my smartphone addiction! I spend quite a bit of my free time reading this useful magazine. The Photo Pik column is so soothing, and I really like the motivational articles and cartoons. I would like to tell my fellow teens that spending some amount of time with this magazine every day would be a wise and beneficial decision.

Bhavya (14) / Jalandhar

TTT is my favourite!

I first found out about The Teenager Today in my school which gifted us students the January 2024 issue of the magazine. I couldn’t wait to get home and read it. It was very informative, covering all kinds of topics of interest to teens. I finished reading it within a few hours. I told my parents that I wanted to subscribe to the magazine as I wanted to read the next issue. Since then, The Teenager Today is my favourite, and I have been enjoying all the articles and columns in this wonderful magazine.

Arpit (14) / Bangalore

A great treasure!

Cover of the May 2024 issue of The Teenager Today with different summer activities for teens.

The cover of the May 2024 issue was so creatively done using AI software! I tried out some of the ways to spend my summer vacations suggested by Dominic Reddy in the cover story, and enjoyed doing so. I like reading Readers Blog, Poets & Poetry, Sci-Tech and Bob’s Banter, and I keep myself busy with the Mind Games column. Thank you for providing me with a great treasure through The Teenager Today.

Nitin (15) / Hyderabad


After reading The Teenager Today, students, teachers and parents, too, feel that they are empowered. These cherishing and empowering opportunities enlighten their lives and give a definite sense of exceeding in all spheres of life, especially in the lives of students.

Joseph Carmel

I’ve fallen in love with TTT!

I’ve been reading The Teenager Today for the past three months and have fallen in love with it! My favourite columns are Poets & Poetry, DYK, Funny Bone, TTT Recommends, Soul Strings and the Cover Stories. Can’t wait for the next issue!

Pinki (13) / Jalandhar