I went crazy seeing the issue!

The cover of the June 2024 issue of TTT featuring Taylor Swift was just fabulous! She truly is the “Greatest Of All Time”! I’m a die-hard Swiftie and I went crazy seeing the issue! My friends (and fellow Swifties!) all want to borrow this issue to read the article by Verus Ferreira. Thank you so much for featuring my favourite singer!

Janine (14) / Mumbai

The Wired column is really great!

The Wired column is really great! I love reading about unusual gadgets, and trying out the apps that are reviewed. The tech tips and news are very current. The Sci-Tech column has some really cool buzz from the world of science and technology. I would otherwise have not heard of this news had I not read it in The Teenager Today.

Rahul (14) / Indore

Thank you for introducing interesting columns

I enjoy reading TTT Recommends every month in TTT. Through this column I have found out about several books thanks to Surabhi Maity and Resham Satyani, which I have added to my to-read list. I also love the movie, music and podcast recommendations. Thank you for introducing such useful and interesting columns to my favourite teen mag!

Isha (16) / Lucknow

Chess prodigy Gukesh Dommaraju

I’m a huge chess fan, and so I was thrilled to read Gp Capt Achchyut Kumar’s article on chess prodigy Gukesh Dommaraju in the June 2024 issue. Nice pics of the young champion, too!

David (16) / Miramar, Goa

Helpful tips

I found the article Navigating The Waves Of Online Interactions by Taylor Elizabeth in the June 2024 issue very helpful. The tips given are very helpful in helping us navigate the social media world and handle our emotions while doing so.

Ridhika (15) / New Delhi

Invaluable advice

I really appreciate the Point to Ponder section of the Youth Counselling column by Dr Alisha Lalljee. The advice that Dr Alisha gives us to live better lives is invaluable. I also like the way she deals with problems faced by teens like me.

Tina (15) / Chennai

TTT is a very good platform for students

I am a regular reader of The Teenager Today. I love reading the articles and poems. I think TTT is a very good platform for students to express their feelings and perceptions about the world they live in.

Smriti (15) / Darbhanga, Bihar