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What should my plans be to get a good rank in IIT?

I’m a student of Std VIII. I want to do IIT. What should my plans be to get a good rank in it? How should I study in order to crack it and which books would you suggest for maths, physics and chemistry?
Nagendra Singh (13) / Deoria

Getting into the IITs is the dream of almost every student and the IITJEE Entrance Exam is the most sought after competitive exam. There are around 10k seats in the IITs and lakhs of students compete for them every year. So, the level of competition is very high and one must have a strong preparation plan in place.

JEE needs systematic preparation. Most of the problems asked are application-based questions and requires you to apply the theoretical concepts to solve it. Hence, “Conceptual Clarity” is important to crack the nut. Mugging up/cramming is not what is expected in JEE entrance and it’s no way going to help you to score top ranks.

Usually, the school curriculum does not cover the kind of preparation required for the IIT JEE entrance exam. Board exams test you with basic knowledge while the JEE entrance tests you on your deeper understanding levels of each topic and concept.

The earlier you start, the more time you would get to learn, revise and practise! By starting an early preparation, your mind gets stimulated, gains confidence, and you will also get ample time to practise.

For the next 1-2 years you can focus on self-study; later you may join some good coaching classes. Good coaching centres/institutes give students an edge in analytical and problem-solving skills, which helps students crack competitive exams with ease.

And to score top ranks in JEE you need regular practice. You need to do a lot of self-study in the form of concept reinforcement, problem-solving. It’s not difficult to clear JEE, provided your concepts are clear and you are able to apply them properly. There are no secrets to success. It’s all the result of preparation, hard work and learning from mistakes.