7 hacks to make your dreams come true

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Dreams are screenplays that our brain creates while we sleep. Some are frightening, while many could be romantic, funny, playful, moralistic, or occasionally even outlandish. You dream because your mind likes to conjure up images and dialogues about your day as well as things that might happen tomorrow; but more than these simple events and occurrences, your dreams could represent unfulfilled desires and wishes that you’re out of sync with when you’re awake. Our dreams are always trying to tell us something.

What do you dream about usually?

We oftentimes use the word ‘dreams’ synonymously with wishes and desires. You may not have actually envisioned these in your sleep like a classic dream. But if you really think hard enough about something, it invariably frequents your subconscious mind while you’re in your state of slumber. What have your dream themes been?

  • Being the most desirable friend in the group?
  • Doing well in your exams and excelling?
  • Winning in extra-curricular contests?
  • Being able to run the marathon?
  • Being rich and famous?
  • Being a superstar?
  • Being happy?

No matter what your dream theme is, know that anything you desire, can come true. Here are 7 steps to help you achieve your dreams.

Step 1: Peel the onion!

This isn’t about edible onions in the kitchen that make you cry when you peel them! It means being very clear about what you want, and removing the extra layers that cover up your real goal. For example, you might dream of not being bullied anymore, or being the smartest kid around the block; but that is an outcome of achieving something else that will make you feel confident and clever. The more specific you are about what you want, the easier it will be for you to achieve it.

Step 2: Be the rolling stone

Inertia is Newton’s Third Law of Motion and doesn’t just apply to physics and engineering. Whether it’s about losing weight, building your stamina, making friends or acing in studies, inertia makes you feel stuck in the mud and can hold you back.

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