A blissful New Year to you!

Another New Year (2020) is at our doorsteps, and we at The Teenager Today are delighted to wish each one of you — our young readers, regular contributors, well wishers and friends — a very Happy and Blissful New Year! We strongly believe that if we are able to cross yet another milestone, another decade of the 21st century, it was possible only because of your unstinting support all through the past 57 years. We are deeply grateful to you, and we continue to count you.

January, the first month of the year, is always special, and brings to us undying memories of great events that directly or indirectly shaped the course of our nation. We are getting ready to celebrate the 70th Republic Day, the day India became a Sovereign and Democratic Republic with a very unique Constitution based on solid principles of equality, secularism, tolerance and brotherhood to guide and direct us. The day reminds us of our own duty and responsibility to adhere and promote these sacred principles, the pillars on which our nation firmly stands. This is all the more important at the present times when our very rulers seem to be throwing them to the “winds”.

On January 30, we celebrate the death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation, which is also observed as the Martyrs’ Day, gratefully remembering that the Mahatma gave his life in defence of the above principles. We bring you a special cover story this month, Lead Kindly Light, which beautifully depicts the concept of religious pluralism which guided the latter part of the Mahatma’s life.

On January 22, this year, we also celebrate the birth centenary of Chiara Lubich, the foundress of the Focolare, an international movement which promotes unity at all levels, particularly among the young people, all across the world. In this New Year issue, we feature Chiara Lubich, a friend of our country, who travelled across our country promoting tolerance and religious pluralism.

These articles, in addition to all our regular features, make the January issue of The Teenager Today, really special. Happy reading, Happy New Year and Happy Republic Day!

Alfonso Elengikal
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Alfonso Elengikal

Alfonso Elengikal, SSP, has the unique distinction of being the longest-serving editor of THE TEENAGER TODAY, an office he held for over 17 years. He is the bestselling author of You Can Make A Difference, You Are Destined For The Skies, Let The Real You Stand Up! and Discover The Hero Within You published by Better Yourself Books.