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A brave despair

Dear Daddy, you kept me waiting.
Not for a day, but forever.
Your sunshine is now doomed with grey,
Unable to find a lining of silver.

To play my violin in front of you, I had waited so long;
And now the melody of my life has turned into a melancholic song.

You had promised me that we will celebrate Father’s Day together next year:
And now the distance between us is merely a couple of light years.

You were a saviour, a soldier, a Major at his best!
But cruel were the invaders who have sent you on such a rending rest.
I am proud of you like all others who glorify your death;
But your absence in my life chokes my sobbing breath.

The news of my father’s death makes my heart bloodless;
But your sunshine will regain her strength,
She knows that her father cannot bear her pain.

I will follow your footsteps; I will never step back from defending my Nation.
I will make you feel proud, dad; I will be your perfect reflection!